Get to know our team!


Hey! I’m Mindy. I’m one of the 2 owners of Brixton. We thought it would be fun to help you get to know our staff. 
A little about me:
I’m 37 years old, and I’m originally from Marwayne. I come from a blended family, with 3 sisters.
I’m married to a pretty awesome guy named Drew and we have 3 boys who are 15, 8 & 6. We live on an acreage with our 2 dogs, Cooper & Abby.
I originally went to school to get my 3rd class power engineering and worked for Husky for 7 years, until my mom and I opened Brixton in 2011 while I was on Maternity leave with our second baby.
I love fashion, I’m 100% an extrovert, and I love meeting new people, so the store is one of my favourite places!️ I’m obsessed with music (Rap is my go-to genre, but I love all kinds of music!) and I have a passion for cooking. I spend a lot of my time watching our kids play hockey & lacrosse, and love every minute of it.
My favourite shoes are almost always sneakers. I love that they’re super in style right now!! 

Hi! I’m Sherry, the other owner of Brixton

A little about me:

I just turned 59, I’m thinking I may have to put birthdays on hold for awhile! I’m originally from Edmonton and I’m the youngest of 6. My parents, as well as all of my siblings, lived North of Marwayne in Lea Park before moving to Edmonton in the late 50s. All of my grandparents came to Lea Park from Norway, where we still have family today. I had the pleasure of visiting Norway with my youngest daughter Jodi about 7 years ago.

I had my first daughter Christine when I was very young and she was a beautiful blessing. I have 3 daughters and 3 step-daughters and am so very grateful to have them all in my life! I LOVE being a Grandma. I have 3 Granddaughters and 4 Grandsons, and more to come!

My family and I moved back to Lea Park in 1995 to help my Uncle Norman run the farm. From there we moved into Marwayne, and then to Lloydminster in 2004.

I have almost always worked in the Beauty and Fashion industry. My love of shoes and fashion is what ignited the start of Brixton. Our store has brought so much joy to my life! I have had the opportunity to work with amazing people who I will love and care about like family forever. The customers I have had the pleasure to know, help and love; the shoe company representatives that have become our friends, and the opportunity to be part of such a great community!

Last September I moved to the Stony Plain area to be with my partner and best friend Rick. We have a beautiful acreage with a collection of animals. We spend a lot of time outdoors, riding bikes and going on adventures and I am so happy here :) I come back to Lloydminster and the store as often as possible! I am so grateful to my daughter Mindy for all the hard work she puts into our store, and am thankful that my daughter Jodi has moved there and is now a big help.

As for the style of shoe that would be my favourite... I just can’t pick as I seem to love them all, from sneakers to heels :)

Hi, I’m Jodi!

I’m Sherry’s daughter and Mindy’s Sister. I recently moved to Lloyd and have been helping manage the store. 

I’m 33 years old, and as Mindy mentioned, I grew up in Marwayne, AB. Once I graduated I moved to Vancouver, BC to dance. I lived there for 5 years and in that time, met my now fiancé, Dale. We moved to the UK and lived in a borough in South London called Brixton, which is where the stores name came from . After living and travelling through Europe for 2 years, we made the decision to move to Edmonton.

Dale and I have a 3 year old son named Andrik, he’s pretty entertaining and keeps me very busy! We are meant to be getting married on August 22 in Kelowna, but unfortunately Covid-19 is messing with our plans! 

My passion is dance, I’ve tried many other stylist, travel agent, etc. but I always come back to dance! I currently teach Hip Hop at Alison Lamont. I’m very social and love working with people, so working at the store has been so much fun! 

It’s hard to pick a favourite style of shoe. My style can go from business woman, to hip hop dancer on a day to day basis. I just keep my shoe closet well stocked so I don’t have to choose!

Hey, I'm Mona! 

A little about me: I'm 39 years old, and I live in Lloydminster with my wonderful family; My boyfriend Chris and my 16 year old daughter Jorell. We love travelling and making new memories!

I'm First Nations Cree, originally from Onion Lake, SK. I lived there until I was done grade 11. In grade 12 I moved to Marwayne, which is when I met Mindy and we've been friends ever since :) Mindy, Sherry & Jodi are my second family.

I love working at Brixton, I've been working here for 6 years and love every minute of it. I love fashion and and I love helping people find that perfect fit. 

One of my favorites is receiving new stock. It feels like mini Christmas every time!

I can't say I have a favorite style of shoes cause I love fashion boots in the winter but also love all the summer sneakers and sandals.

Hope you enjoy my fave picks as much as I do! Can't wait to see you all in person again.

Hi! I'm Jacey!

I'm 25 years old and I've lived in Lloydminster since 2002 when we moved here for my dad's job from Rosetown, SK. I have 2 sisters, one older, one younger. My family means the world to me ❤. I moved into my own place with my boyfriend Jordan (who I totally swiped right for on Tinder 😉 ) and our two dogs Roxy and Allan back in October.

I've worked at Brixton for the last 2.5 years, but I'm also an esthetician at Just For You Day Spa. I went to school for that here at Lakeland College in 2016. I love getting to meet so many different people through both of my jobs. 

I'm really into the outdoors, so when I'm not working, I'm usually either spending time with my family at the lake, or out fishing and hunting. In 2015 I received 2 awards for the Elk that I harvested! I also have a pretty awesome scar on my eye from last year when I got scope bite. It's kind of bad-ass 😎.

My favourite style is definitely sneakers. They look cute with everything and are always comfortable!! I hope you like my picks for this week and I can't wait to get to see you all again soon!