Mother and daughter, Sherry and Mindy, decided to open a shoe store together in 2010 with the official grand opening taking place on September 27, 2011. The name Brixton comes from a community in England where their daughter/sister was living at the time. They wanted to bring their love of fashion to our city by opening a quality, name brand shoe store. Brixton sells a wide range of unique women’s shoes and purses, a great selection of men’s footwear along with all kinds of fun accessories.

Helping Small Businesses

We feel strongly that supporting other businesses in our community is the key to keeping a strong economy in Lloydminster. We shop local whenever we can and encourage our staff to do so as well. We often send customers to other locally owned businesses in the area for products and services that we do not provide.


Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about sizing, shoe care, and returns. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at

Sizing + Seasons

How do I know what size of shoe I am? →

To provide a shopping experience that is comfortable for everyone, shoe fitting is available for those that need assistance. Being able to anticipate everyone’s needs is important to us.

Can you order an extra style of shoe in my size? →

We order ‘case packs’ from most of our suppliers; therefore, a pre-determined number of sizes are included, so unfortunately we are not able to order another size 8. Some brands allow ‘open sizing’ where we can pick, and we do increase core sizes.

How do the shoe seasons work? →

We order 6 – 8 months is advance. In January, the spring lines are released, and fall styles (who loves boots?!)  are released in August. Clothing can come every month, but shoes do not.

Does that mean you can’t order in-­season styles? →

Sometimes we can order individual sizes – it just depends on the brand and supplier’s policies.

Shoe Care

Are you able to repair my shoes I got from your store? →

Shoe repair is available, at our own cost, as well as spraying shoes and surprising the odd customer with free shoe care products.

What is the easiest way to make my shoes last longer? →

Shoe care includes protection, cleaning, polishing and inside care. We know that if shoes are not protected when they are new, they are much more difficult to clean. For additional shoe care advice or techniques our store.

How often should I spray my shoes? →

We recommend once a month. Spray your shoes, let it dry, then spray again.

How do I care for suede shoes? →

We recommend protecting your shoes with a waterproof spray to avoid stains. Try using a suede brush to remove any dust or debris left lingering on your shoes. Steam helps remove stubborn marks.

How do I care for patent leather (shiny, glossy finish) shoes? →

To avoid dulling the shoes, we recommend using a patent leather cleaner to give the leather a deep, smooth, and clean finish. We have a variety of shines and creams available to keep your shoes looking good as new. Bring your shoes in and we’ll do it for you.


What is your return policy? →

We’ll happily exchange or take back any unworn item within 14 days of purchase for in store credit.

What if there’s a defect with my item? →

Each brand has a unique return policy for defective items – come in to learn more.

More questions? →

If you have any questions about an item, fit or shoe care we are happy to help.